Badass Hidden Mandalas Is The Hottest New Hair Trend


Ever since the beginning of time, people have been styling their hair in some way. People style their hair because of decoration, practicality, tradition/customs, or partaking in some group or part of society. Regardless of gender, hair grows somewhat at the same rate.

In different parts of the world, different hairstyles are acceptable. For instance, in western Europe, men usually wear their hair shorter and much less styled compared to women. No matter where you might be, following trends of hairstyles are usually the way to go. For example, if a hairstyle is not socially acceptable, then you probably won’t be having it. In Roman times, women wore their hair long while the men had to cut it short and keep it manageable.

History of Hairstyles

The oldest proof that hairstyles existed long ago is the Venus of Willendorf and Venus of Brassempouy statuettes that date from 30,000BC. The statuettes show proof that hairstyling and braiding existed since then.

Celtic warriors would bleach their beards using lime as a way to intimidate the enemy. Samurai warriors in Japan would have their hair chonmage style which allowed them to keep their helmets on while in combat.

Women started taking more control over their appearance in the 1920s. They started rejecting conventions that society dictated were acceptable. By imitating actresses such as Clara Bow, women started wearing their hair shorter like the bob cut. At the same time, the cosmetic industry was on the rise and fashion became big, especially through celebrities.

What is Mandala

Modern hairstyles have evolved so much that people are experimenting with different things every day. Especially with social media having a big following, celebrities across the world and other influencers are trying to set the new trend.

One such Instagram-famous haircut is the Mandala haircut. Mandala is a Sanskrit word that translates to circle. Typically, when talking about Mandala, people usually think it’s about the already viral Mandala tattoo. However, these new trendsetters used the idea to create a haircut with the same symbolism as the tattoos.

Mandala is usually used to represent unity, wholeness, and harmony at the basic level. However, the idea is much more complex than that. Ancient cultures used it to express the Sacred Universe, a place where all life forms spiral into life.

Symmetry is usually key in mandala art and all figures and shapes spiral around the center/core. The patterns can be geometric and sometimes derived from nature (sun, moon, flowers, and earth).

Hair Salons During COVID-19

In the past few months, only some places across the world allowed people to go to the barber/hair salons. These countries are the ones that had very to no measures in place to protect from the coronavirus. People resorted to cutting their hair or having someone in the family cut their hair (or worse, leave it as it is).

However, as numbers of infected slowly come down and measures are being lessened, hair salons and barbershops are ready to open again. However, there are some things that they have to be careful about, or in other words, measures that everyone needs to follow.

People need to wear masks and wait outside to get their hair cut. If the barbershop/hair salon has reservations, then they should keep it and don’t let people group in waiting areas or walk-in. Fewer chairs should also be placed (fewer people in the shop). Additionally, hairstylists should work longer hours and have their appointment take longer so that they can keep the place sanitized. Wearing a mask should be a must and also, no beard trims.

If you saw one of these mandala hairstyles that you liked, don’t think twice after the hair salons open and go get it!

Mandala Hairstyle

Most likely, the mandala haircut originated from the famous shaved hairstyles women wear. These hairstyles varied from shaving one side to a double-side shave. Here are some examples of Mandala Haircut:

  1. The Lotus Undercut

  1. The Multicolored Undercut

  1. The Flower Undercut

  1. The Triangle Undercut

  1. The Chevron Undercut

  1. The Linear Undercut

  1. The Arrows Undercut

  1. The Zig Zag Undercut

  1. The Diamond Undercut

  1. The Pyramid Lotus Undercut

  1. The Heart Undercut

  1. The Mandala Undercut

  1. The Geometric Undercut

  1. The Pink Undercut

  1. The Asymmetric Undercut

  1. The Two Tone Undercut


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