Bankrupt Mother Jumps Off Bridge With Her Son After They Lost Their Home


Financial problems which led to losing her house, made this mother from California commit a suicide. What is even worse is that besides of her life, she took the life of her son too. While jumping off a 330-foot Bridge, she was holding her son. The incident happened in February, 2019.

Eyewitnesses state that people tried to stop her

This tragic incident which happened in California, left everybody heartbroken. Even though there were attempts from local people to talk her out of this, the woman decided to take that fatal decision. Some of the witnesses have said that her own son begged her not to jump. Even the ambulance came as quickly as possible, but sadly, just to drag out their dead bodies from the water.

What was the cause that made her commit a suicide?

The tragedy occurred on 7 February, at the La Variante Bridge, in Ibagué. Later on, the authorities came out with an information about the cause which led her to this situation. They found out that this 32-year old mother, Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz, was dealing with financial problems. As consequence, she was unable to pay for the rent, which is shy she became homeless.

The authorities explained that the mother was homeless for some time and loan sharks have been threatening her for a while. Anyways, before her death, she left a suicide letter, explaining the reasons for her decision.

In the letter she said:

“I cannot tolerate the idea that somebody could hurt you because of what I did, I prefer that we leave and forget this world. I have no hope, I have been defeated and humiliated. The man who told me he loved me left me alone, very alone. They all left me with nothing, everything I worked for, everything I lived for, all I loved, all I gave, it was snatched away in an instant.

My mistake was to trust the wrong people. I failed the person I love most in my life, I cannot afford to pay for his studies, I do not even have enough money to give him hot food. I have placed him in danger and I am sorry for failing you, son. Every day is more difficult and filled with threats, debt, and lack of love. I cannot do it anymore. I will be told I am a coward, but only God knows the distress of being terrified that someone will hurt you because of me.

If only somebody could help me, but who can lend me the money or even a home? There is nobody. The world is dangerous and I cannot protect you. Every day is grey. My heart beats with anxiety. I cry with frustration and impotence. I am a loser. This time I will not fail you, my son. Nobody will hurt us anymore.”

What makes people take such fatal decisions

There is not much to be said, except that life is beautiful. But sometimes, there are certain obstacles that make it hard for people to figure out a way to continue and fight with everything that’s coming on their way. Once you lose hope and strength to move on, it feels like life is not worth living.

According to the statistics, every year there are about 800,000 people around the world who commit suicides. Thus, suicide is the second leading cause of death, especially for people aged 15 to 24.


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