The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet


In the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, the Earthwatch Institute concluded that bees are the most vital creatures on the planet. Additionally, scientists have made an announcement that the bees have entered into the risk of extinction.

Up to 90% of the bees around the world have disappeared according to recent studies. The reasons for their disappearance are different depending on the region. However, the main reasons are lack of safe places for nests, deforestation, lack of flowers, use of uncontrolled pesticides, and changes in the soil.

With the support of the Foundation of Agrarian Innovation (FIA), the Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor (CeapiMayor) and the Apiculture Corporation of Chile (Cach) conducted a study where they determined that bees are the only beings that are not a carrier of any type of pathogen whether it is a virus, fungus, or a bacterium,

Agriculture depends 70% on these insects and the pollinations that the bees make allows the reproduction of plants. This allows animals to feed and without the bees, the fauna will disappear as well.

Bees also produce honey which not only serves as food but can also provide many health benefits to our body and skin.

If the bees disappear, humans would have 4 years to live.” This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein.

The Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland made a theory that blames the waves that are emitted during calls. The theory states that these waves can disorient bees which causes them to lose their sense of direction and puts their life in danger.

Daniel Favre, a researcher and biologist, made 83 experiments alongside other researchers which show that bees in the presence of these waves can produce a noise ten times higher than usual. This behavior of bees has been observed by scientists and they figured out that they make this noise to warn other bees that they are in danger and it’s important to leave the hive.

Without a doubt, the greatest reason for the lowered population of bees is credited to the constant fumigation of crops. One such example happens in Colombia where in the last three years, 34% of the bees with agro toxins have died of poisoning.

Even though there are solutions to fixing the problem, it is very difficult to carry out these solutions. The practices in production and agriculture are very rooted.

However, these three solutions are proposed and if they are done in a short time there will still be hope:

  • – Prohibit the use of toxic pesticides.
  • – Promote natural agricultural alternatives.
  • – Constant research and monitoring of the health, welfare, and conservation of bees must be performed.

Luciano Grisales, a representative to the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia says that this is an example of the problem with bees and the urgency making changes in resource management. He also adds that:

It is of vital importance to establish the strategic nature of the protection and repopulation of bees and other pollinators, since not to do so in 10 years would not be counted on bees in Colombia. This would lead to a food catastrophe and a health crisis in the country. 


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