Being Alone is Better Than Settling for the Wrong Person


Experiencing true, deep, and unconditional love is something that everyone wants, and something that can be read from the books of numerous poets. Everyone needs a person who will love her/him selflessly, genuinely, and deeply, someone who will completely accept and cherish his partner just the way he/she is.

And, that’s how the strong relationship should be.

However, not every relationship has top priorities mentioned above, and there are numerous examples that the relationship, simply doesn’t work, and it makes partners feel unhappy. So, being in a relationship with someone only for the sake of being in a relationship will be a wrong attitude of every person. This kind of relationship will never make everyone’s life meaningful and fulfilling.

Even though no one wants to feel lonely and roll solo, but when the partners are not adapted to each other, sooner or later they will feel even lonelier than they felt in the first place. At least one of the partners will feel like he/she has been betrayed.

For that reason, everyone should be aware and remember that being alone is better than settling for the wrong person.

Being alone is better than:

  • a) Settling for the partner who doesn’t deserve your love, because he/she doesn’t feel about you the way you feel about him/her.
  • b) Being with someone who doesn’t see you the way you see him/her and who couldn’t care less if he/she loses you.
  • c) Settling for someone who doesn’t do anything to make you happy.

That person doesn’t understand your needs, your feelings, and your desires and is never there when you need him/her the most.

  • d) With the person who is never there to hold your hand and tell you that everything is going to be okay in a rough time in your life.
  • e) Being with someone who can’t see your worth.

This can be a person who is excellent at noticing and judging you for your insecurities, annoying habits, and fears, but who can’t see or don’t want to see your qualities. This kind of person is always ready to criticize you for your imperfections and weaknesses, but who never pay attention to your strength and worth.

  1. f) Settling for someone who doesn’t deserve your attention.

Because of his/her overall behavior this person doesn’t deserve your time and energy, your compassion, your kindness, your generosity, your patience, your love, and your self-sacrifice.

  1. g) Being with someone who is not what your heart desires.

With this person, you will never feel truly happy and fulfilled.

  1. h) With the individual who is only interested in taking advantage of you.

This kind of person is only good when he/she needs something from you and gives you compliments only when he/she needs some ‘little’ favor. Usually, this person will not found when you are the one who needs his/her attention or help.

  1. i) Settling for someone who only sees you as a second option.

j) With someone who doesn’t reciprocate your love.

Because that individual will never fight for you, his/her soul doesn’t reflect yours and isn’t afraid of losing you.


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