Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town So They Can Retire and Grow Old Together


Friendship is a wonderful thing that all of us want to have for the rest of our lives. Our best friends feel like family and even though at the beginning we might be inseparable, things change. Attending college usually pushes friends aside and after college, our work, responsibilities, and family might get in the middle of our friendship. Many people also move from their hometown, thus leading them to forget their childhood friends.

However, these two best friends did not want to forget about their friendship and built themselves a tiny town with a goal for them to grow old together.

The small town has a population of four couples which have been best friends for two decades. These friends couldn’t see each other very often so they decided to live as close as they can to each other. All of them were interested in Environmental-friendly methods and they took their money and built themselves a town outside of Austin, Texas near the Llano River.

The Llano Exit Strategy cabins cost $40,000 each and were designed by Matt Garcia. He made sure that these cabins are cost-effective and efficient. The cabins have reflective walls, slanted roofs, insulated windows, and water barrels which can have 5,000 gallons of water inside.

This group’s main plan is to retire to their town.

Here are some tips on how to keep your friends around forever:

  1. Honesty

Friendship will never last forever if it is based on lies. Make sure you are being honest about everything that you talk about such as opinions, past, or future goals. Agreeing to things that you are not comfortable to just to fit in is not a type of friendship that you want in your life. Just be honest and make your opinions be heard in the group to evade misunderstandings.

  • After arguing, make up

Every friendship comes with some kind of disagreements. If you are close to your friend, you probably know their weakness and strengths. However, if you take advantage of them you are probably a bad friend. Just say sorry even if you are not at fault and make sure you are ready to forgive. 

  • Grace

Showing grace will help you ease the pressure that your friends feel about your expectations. Doing good things to your friends even if they don’t deserve it is a good thing to do. Everyone needs compassion. Make sure you forgive your friends even before they say sorry.

If you still have best friends in your life then you are blessed. Make sure you keep them close and take good care of them. They respect you and deserve your respect. Never forget that.

Your friends will always be there for you, no matter what happens they will try to help you in any way.

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