Bike Chair for Special Needs – Allows You to Take Someone With Limited Mobility for a Ride


The Bike Chair is the new custom design for a tricycle created for people that have limited to no mobility. If you want to take out a friend or a family member that cannot move well for a bike ride, you will be able to do that with the Bike Chair. The person will be able to spend some time on the great outdoors and enjoy the view from the front of the bike. Sunshine Coast local Bill Forward is the person that designed this tricycle.

Bill created it to enable his wife Glad to enjoy the outdoor rides. Glad developed Alzheimer’s so she wasn’t able to take bike rides or go outside much. Bill and Glad gained a lot of attention after they were seen cycling together on the unique tricycle. There even was a video that went viral of the both of them and their inspiring story is how the Bike Chair gained its popularity.


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