Building A Beautiful Arched House Will Cost You Only $1000


The Arched Cabins is a unique and tiny house that went viral recently and fascinated many people. This house design couldn’t come in a better time since tiny homes are also very popular, especially as budget housing. The tiny house company’s headquarters is located in Cypress, Texas. Founded by David Cruey and Joshua Cruey. Their aim is to create a cheaper but unique tiny home.

14×20 Studio Community

The arch of the houses gives the cabin its character and attracts the interest of many people. The house is 8’x8’ and costs less than a thousand dollars. The company delivers this durable home to you with different varieties. If you want a one-level or two-level home, you can get it for less than 6 weeks. Aside from a home to live in, you can also use it for an office, vacation home, animal shelter, office, workshops, and much more. You can also decorate it however you want.

The house also contains Super Span roof paneling and a 40-year warranty. The 32-50% steel is recycled and comes in 23 Energy Star colors. The cabins have a minimum of R13 isolation for energy conservation.

It’s amazing to have such a house that has so much quality yet costs cheap. Even if you use it as a garage hut or a children’s playhouse, you can always repurpose it to whatever you want. All products are built and designed in America.

24×32 Arched Cabin Interior

24×32 Arched Cabin 1

Arched Architecture

The arch is a very interesting and old type of architecture. It existed during the Mesopotamian ages for their need for wood and stone. Romans used the arch for drastically spanning large distances and to celebrate war victories. The gothic architecture uses lots of arches as structurally efficient as possible either inside our outside of the structure. Compared to these old times, this tiny house built its roof arched. The older arch architecture used them only for the entrances or sometimes even for pillars inside the house.

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