Cadillac Wants to Fly People in Electric Drones


In a classic CES move, General Motors these days decided to share some futuristic concept cars with the public, including a sleek Cadillac passenger drone. This happened on Tuesday.

A sparkly, silver-black self-driving car-shuttle and a matching passenger drone have been introduced as part of this portfolio’s edition of Cadillac. Both these are just concepts and ideas, but as of this moment there is no plan for production.

For temperature adjustment, the autonomous and electric vehicle is fully equipped with biometric sensors in each of the seats in the car, and it would use aromatherapy to keep the passengers as comfortable as possible.

While inside, the very advanced technology reads the vital signs of all the passengers in the vehicle. The sensors are biometric and they’re located in the seats. They can change moisture,heat, they can do aromatherapy, and adjust the lighting as per the passengers’ desires. To control the experience, passengers can use voice control and hand movements, and there’s a way to control the interior camera to take pictures so that everyone is in the frame.

The result of this attempt is a brand-new and fully equipped mobile living room built for optimum comfort and better customer service. The interior reminds more of the interior of a lounge rather than a car cabin, with recliner chairs, a three-sided swath of seating, and scattered cushions. There is a glass roof, too.

Flight control would also be autonomous. That means that the passengers are not required to have any flying experience whatsoever in order to use the vehicle. This is going to be a VTOL Personal Drone. They can instead just summon it to the top of their building and then fly to the nearest landing area compatible with it. There, they will likely get linked to another PAV to complete the rest of the journey.



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