Cafe In Germany Gives Customers Hats With Pool Noodles To Keep Them Apart


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses were shut down temporarily to stop the spread of the virus. Some of the most affected businesses from this lockdown are social businesses, or in other words, businesses that gathered lots of people.

These social businesses are but not limited to zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, libraries, cafés, and more.

Businesses Starting To Open

With the pandemic coming to an end in some countries, such as Germany, these businesses are starting to open up again. In some countries, cafés are opening up partially with limited personnel and limited customers. Some cafés have been working even during the lockdown only from the counter and selling coffee-to-go.

Whether they like it or not, coffee shops need to start looking for a way to open up and still keep social-distancing. They must meet certain criteria such as disinfecting tables after every customer leaves and limit the seating area only to the outside.

Additionally, every table should be at least 2 meters apart from one another. If strict procedures aren’t implemented, then we might look to a return of the second wave of infections which experts claim it might be much worse than this wave.

Social distancing must be kept throughout this opening period and if it’s managed correctly, we will beat the pandemic.

Cafés and Restaurants in Germany and the Netherlands

One restaurant in the Netherlands opened in a very interesting way. The Mediamatic ETEN restaurant is located in Amsterdam and it opened and allowed customers to eat from a four-course vegetarian menu while they’re sitting quarantined in separate greenhouses.


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As of now, the restaurant is still in the trial period and only offers service to friends and families of the staff.

In Germany, coffee houses and restaurants were in a state-wide lockdown. After reaching the goal to slow down the virus, chancellor Angela Merkel stated that they are ending the first phase of the pandemic.

She still insists that people remain careful and keep the social distancing to prevent the second wave. At the same time, the federal government lifted some of the restrictions for restaurants and coffee houses to start working under boundaries.

One such coffee house, “Café Rothe Schwerin” located in Schwerin, started their business up after the restrictions were lifted. They spaced out the tables 1.5 meters apart which kept a distance for the customers.

The owner of the café, Jacqueline Rothe, had a very interesting but unusual idea. To add the extra step in making their customers keep their distance, she made them wear pool noodles.

This is an ingenious idea not only to earn respect from the government but also to attract more customers. Rothe claimed that this idea was a one-time event that will occur only for the opening of the café.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, the pandemic along with the lockdowns will cease to exist and things will come back to normal.


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