Can You Spot The Sheep Hiding Among The Happy Santas? Look Inside For Clues


Christmas is coming! Holiday season is ahead of us and that’s the most wonderful time of the year! We usually spend it with our close family members, friends and all the loved ones. Since this year has been rough on all of us with the virus situation, we can’t fully enjoy the fun activities we are used to for holiday celebrations. Thus, a virtual game night is not a bad idea.

Seek-and-find puzzles

Gergely Dudás is  book illustrator and he is famous for his seek-and-find puzzles. He has created many such puzzles, themed differently and therefore suitable for children as well as adults. So far, he’s successfully hidden a mouse among squirrels, a soccer ball among pandas, a cat between bats and many others. For the sake of the holiday season, he has created one such game which might be found interesting to play together with your family. Have a look at the puzzle and you’ll see a lot of Santas, having no idea that there’s a sheep hidden among them. The challenge is to try to find the sheep in the picture. Take a few minutes and try to solve it on your own, with no help whatsoever.

If it’s taking you too long, then you might want to use the first clue. Think about what’s the one thing that Santas and sheep have in common? Obviously that’s the fluff of hair. Focus on that and you may be able to spot the sheep.

Did you find it helpful? Were you able to crack it?

Well, if you’re still struggling, then you can use another clue. Concentrate on the top left corner.

If you cracked it – well done!

If you still can’t see it, then you can scroll down for the answer.





Merry Christmas to all of you!


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