Clever Dog Escapes To McDonald’s And Pretends To Be A Stray In Order To Get Free Burgers


How smart animals can be is confirmed by the story of this puppy who came up with the perfect plan to get the McDonald’s burgers he craved so much for. She simply pretended to be a stray dog and thus appealed to people’s sense of compassion.

The pup, known by the name of Princess, began spending the night hanging out at McDonald’s in Oklahoma, asking people to give him a taste of the burgers they bought.

Many kind people, no doubt, believed it was a stray dog, so they were very happy to share their meal with her.

However, one night the Princess approached the wrong car, which was her owner’s car.

When her owner, Betsey Reyes, realized why her puppy was running away, she decided to share it on Facebook, in order to reveal Princess’ shameless ways to all followers.

Betsey’s announcement was received differently from people, so many thought the Princess’ plan was humorous and this story quickly became popular on the Internet.

Eager to help Reyes with her little cheat, McDonald’s gave her a dog collar equipped with GPS. That way, Reyes could follow her clever puppy.

The moment the Princess’s burger scheme collapsed, it was captured on camera, where a particularly funny moment was when she recognized Reyes and realized she was broken.

In a video below shows how Princess approaches Reyes’ car and her reactions. Recognize Reyes, the pup begins to wag her tail and jump on the car.

Enjoy watching this adorable scammer get caught in action:

These videos have had more than 290,000 reactions and 270,000 shares as of Thursday afternoon.


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