Clutter is a Trigger of Stress and Anxiety Psychologists Say


Today’s lifestyle imposes a large number of things because people are burdened with the constant need to buy something. It is very rare for people to ask themselves the question when they are buying something that is absolutely necessary or convinced that it is essential to their daily lives. That is why it is a common occurrence that most of the items purchased only take up space in your house and collect dust. When you realize that you are overwhelmed with many unnecessary things, you need to discover what you should throw out and why it is important to do so!

Clearing clutter will increase your attention

According to psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter, clutter significantly affects the feelings of people in the home, jobs and themselves. If homes and workplaces are messy they can cause anxiety, powerlessness and overwhelm in people.

Princeton University conducted a study showing that people in an environment full of things were far less focused than those in an organized, serene environment. This is because clutter prevents the brain from processing information effectively, leading to delayed attention and timely response to the task ahead.

Everyone who has noticed that they are pretty crazy when they see things are not right around the house, they need to know that it is psychology.

Decluttering can be a form of stress relief

When space is messy, it pierces the eyes, but it also weighs on the mind. Researchers at UCLA’s Center for Everyday Life and Families (CELF), in their four-year study, found that one of the most critical problems of households with increased stress was high volume and poorly managed things in their environment.

Minimalism is a life practice

Minimalism promotes the idea of ‘less is more’. People who advocate this idea opt for only a limited number of things that bring them genuine pleasure, and everything else is rejected. Minimalists are free from feelings of attachment to material goods and are able to draw joy from other aspects of life, such as the glow of nature and the exchange of moments between loved ones.

Below you can find the potential list of items that any home can expel without suffering consequences. It can be daunting and depressing for individuals to break away from valuable things and throw out whatever they don’t need!

Your bathroom:

1)         Remove dried up nail polish

2)         Expel old toiletries (bottles, and gels lying around)

3)         Worn out bath mats, because they even contain a lot of dirty germs

4)         Throw out old makeup (like dried up mascara in your make-up bag as well)

5)         Remove old air freshener (be sure to correctly dispose of aerosol cans)

Your living room:

1)         Throw out newspapers (if you didn’t read it the day it was delivered because very rare people are going to read it ever)

2)         Remove DVDs

3)         Toys your kids don’t play with. You can donate if your growing kids don’t use them

4)         Throw out old unused batteries (be sure to dispose of them properly)

5)         Throw out manuals that are not useful more (for furniture – if your table is already assembled, or for old accessories)

Your bedroom and wardrobe:

1)         Worn out old bedding and sheets

2)         Throw out old, unused hangers

3)         Worn scarves and other accessories

4)         Throw out old dresses (unless of course, they hold sentimental value)

5)         Free yourself of stockings with runs

Your kitchen:

1)         Do not duplicate cooking utensils (e.g. cheese graters)

2)         Remove extra and unused coffee mugs

3)         Throw out old spices

4)         Remove old shopping bags (

5)         Minimize Magnets (not all of those magnets have sentimental value)

Here are 20 ways to relieve your home and your mind afterward. As you get rid of things from your home, be sure to find sustainable, eco-friendly removal methods. Also, be aware that there are many places where you can donate unwanted items that will not be left in the landfill.


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