College Student Makes a Mini Bedroom out of a Closet for her Dog


This story of a college student that turned the closet of her apartment which was not used in a bedroom for her dog is the most adorable news you’ll ever hear the entire day.

Betsy Redfern, the student, had her pet dog, a Chihuahua named Cupid, for more than 12 years. Cupid was with her ever since third grade. When Betsy left for college, it was logical that Cupid will come along with her.

Betsy needed to make a good living environment for Cupid in their new apartment. She took an old doll bed and some handmade beddings to make a small nook which fit Cupid. She also took her turtle Caru with her as well.

She also added Cupid’s small outfits on a hanger in the room which hangs neatly.

Betsy wanted Cupid to feel the Christmas spirit in the small room so she decorated it with a tiny Christmas tree for the holidays. Even if holidays made Betsy and Cupid homesick, I’m sure that by themselves they’ll go through it with no problem.

This tiny puppy is sure lucky to have an owner like Betsy.


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