Combine The Man Cave And The She-Shed Into One Construction Called ‘We-Shed’


Everyone in the world wants to have alone time once in a while. Whether you’re living with your parents, partner, or children, having one separate room in the house where you can have some privacy can be relaxing.

What if I told you that instead of a room in the house, you can have a whole separate private house? Well, not exactly since that will be luxurious. However, you can get a separate tiny house, or so-called shed, that you can design for yourself and your hobbies.


Man caves are probably the most known rooms/sheds that exist for one person. This man sanctuary can be a spare bedroom, equipped garage, basement, den, or office where the man can have his alone time.

Instead of compromising with someone else on what to have in the space, they can put anything they want such as a TV to watch the games, board games to play with friends, even a cooler for beers. What’s more important is that they can design it and decorate it by their taste.


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Similarly to the he-sheds, women created their type of sheds called ‘She-Sheds’. This woman sanctuary can be made out of an old gardening shed or cottage that’s already on the property. However, if you want you can also build a new one.

Women use the She-Sheds for different activities such as yogagardening, painting, meditation, reading a book, relaxing from her children/family, or even take a nap. Customizing the shed is the best part of the journey since you can put on whatever wallpaper and curtains you want.


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The We-Sheds are a combination of the He-Sheds and She-Sheds. There’s a separate shed for both the man and woman and they’re both connected with a conjoined deck. This idea is very similar to having separate beds for the partners, except it’s a separate room/shed. This way, both partners can have their me-time away from one another but still be close enough to each other.

All they’ll have to do is walk on the patio to the next room and knock or holler if needed. You must remember that these sheds are still meant to be private so make sure that you are allowed to go inside before breaking one’s privacy.

The We-Sheds can also be used as separate offices that the partners can work privately from. They can also be used as hunting and fishing cabins or even an Airbnb or guests’ rooms if needed.

Also, if the two individuals want to spend some time together, they can always go to each other’s sheds or just enjoy an adorable picnic on the patio.

The idea for the design is made by Portable Buildings of Greater Houston. From the name you can probably guess that the building company is originating in Houston. If you are living in Houston, you can always contact the company to see what they are offering. However, if you are away from their service area, you can always contact a local shed company and create something similar or even have your custom layout designed for how you like.


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Aside from the We-Sheds, the Portable Building company offers workshops, storages, he-shaves, guest houses, and even tiny homes.

Additionally, the shed is a portable structure so moving it to a different place shouldn’t be a problem.

The whole idea of having separate tiny houses is to have a personalized space where the person can enjoy themselves to the fullest. There are lots of possibilities and ideas that you can make with your shed.

Information Before Building a Shed

Before beginning on a shed project, there are some things that you must know. First, you need to look up and find out about building codes, deed restrictions, and zoning ordinances.

In some states and areas, you must have a permit for building a shed. Additionally, you need to know how far you can place the shed from the property lines. Acceptable materials for building the shed and checking if the neighborhood you live in has a homeowner’s association is also crucial.

Before building your shed, you must know if your land needs leveling. You also need to put down concrete piers, cinder blocks, crushed stone, or a concrete slab.

Naturally, everyone will want to build their fortress of solitude from natural wood. By choosing natural wood, you must keep in mind with its maintenance. In other words, wood can rot pretty easily. Choosing the right wood such as one that has natural resins will make the building much resistant to rot.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the shed. Whatever you are planning to put in it, make sure it fits before building the shed. All it takes is some measuring tape and measure the biggest items that you plan on adding in the tiny house.


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