Company Adopts 2 Office Kittens (Debit And Credit) To Boost Employee Morale


As an office worker, some basic skills you need to know are using a computer, answering the phone, and organizing office materials. Among the usual workers, Debit and Credit, the office cats, enjoy doing all of this. They are “hired” by the finance and computer department of a trucking company located in Ohio. The rescued kittens do not only play with empty boxes-they boost up the morale in the office.

These adorable rescued kittens bring a smile to everyone in the company. Workers are not the only ones who enjoy their plays- the whole Internet gets the chance to see their everyday “job”. One of the employees filmed them playing and hiding under a box and posted it to Reddit. People couldn’t get enough of the cuties. As they wanted to see more, the employees agreed to open an Instagram account. Debit and Credit put up a smile on 6,000 followers.

The kittens are always in the office. Therefore, employees come to feed, pamper, and play with them over the weekends.

Over the years, having animals in companies is becoming a trend, as cats and dogs can be beneficial for work and people’s well-being. Psychologist, Lotte Spijkerman, explained:

 “They reduce stress, increase productivity because they interact with you on their own, and when they show up at your work area, they are a good reminder to take a break.”

Even though many people have allergies, there is still a solution to every problem. The owner of the company said:

“My building is small, there are only 6 of us. The others are in another building.”


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