Coronavirus Healthcare Workers Are Putting Their Photos on PPE So Patients See Their Smiles


Medical personnel that is working to treat COVID-19 patients are all wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) so they will be protected from the infection. The suit covers them completely in a face mask, isolation gown, face shields, and goggles. This makes it impossible for the patients to see their faces and are most likely terrified of the entire situation. The doctors cannot even smile to comfort them because the patients won’t even see the smile.

Robertino Rodriguez, a respiratory therapist, had an amazing idea which can bring some positivity to the patients. He made a post on his Instagram that he “felt bad for my patients in the ER when I would come in the room with my face covered in PPE. A reassuring smile makes a big difference to a scared patient. So today I made a giant laminated badge for my PPE. So, my patients can see a reassuring and comforting smile.” He placed the badge onto his isolation suit and on the badge, he placed his picture and name. This way, people that he works on can see the person behind the scary suit. Rodriguez hopes that this will relieve some anxiety from his patients.

Rodriguez was the first that posted a picture with a PPE badge and after his post went viral, others followed. More medical staff working with coronavirus patients shared their photos online with the same idea: adding a face to the suit. Hopefully, more medical personnel will follow their actions and add some friendly faces to scary suits.



Doctors putting own pictures on PPE so patients can see who’s treating them from pics


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