Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home For Debt-Free Living


People use a variety of grade materials to build a home, so those who have a lot of money want to build more luxurious homes and those who are unable to pay more use the materials they can get for cheaper prices.

We will share with you an amazing story about a home, which is made from shipping containers. Jaimie and Dave used one 20ft container and one 40ft container to make the container. For construction, they adhered entirely to the do-it-yourself advice. This home is filled with many amazing features.

The couple built their beautiful home, in which they have everything they need, but in addition, he has artistic characteristics. By building their own home in this way, they simultaneously fulfilled their dream of living out of debt and mortgages. Their main commitment in life is not to borrow unnecessarily and not to exaggerate their demands. Their story is an example of resilience, love, choosing joy and overcoming adversity.

While the couple was planning how to build a home, Dave suffered a major brain bleed, which was a small obstacle to their plan, but they did not give up. They started new challenges together and building a container house has actually become part of Dave’s physical and mental recovery.

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