Couple Got Married In First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years


Everyone wants to have a wedding of his/her own dream and the imaginations on this theme are endless. We have an interesting story of a couple from Norway, which has decided to revive the Viking way of doing things. Their dream was to have a traditional Viking wedding, which hasn’t been done for almost 1,000 years. Their wedding was recently held next to a beautiful Norwegian lake.

Rune Dalseth and Elisabeth belong to the Christian religion, but they were inspired by a wedding ceremony that took place 1,000 years ago and decided to choose it instead of the conventional ones.

To hold their dream wedding, the couple had to plan plenty of things, including finding a pagan priest to preparing blood offerings and preparing two longboats.

The ceremony requests spilling of the blood of an innocent pig, and its meat was enjoyed as part of the feast later. Another characteristic of the ceremony was a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

How was that idea born?

Elisabeth wasn’t even a Viking enthusiast earlier. She met Rune back in May 2016 at a bar and they felt in love. Rune, who was already part of the revivalist for 2 years, introduced to her a whole new world and she began to fell in love with the Viking world and embraced the culture.

This wedding became a special day for the group of 6,000 other revivalists interested to bring back the culture and traditions of Vikings. Additionally, it marks a historic day of the first time a traditional Viking wedding was held first time after more than 9 centuries.

The most difficult part was to find a gothi who acts as their priest to bless their marriage. Acting as a pagan priest requires remembering and dedication a set of rituals to be performed including holding dried roses and a real sword.

The two longboats were built by a local shipbuilder. The finding of the traditional dress made another trouble, but their friend helped them with that. A man whom they had met at a festival one year before the wedding, agreed to be the gothi for the ceremony.

Their dream wedding – Viking style the couple announced during a Viking Festival. They both weren’t raised a pagan. Rune’s mother wasn’t supportive when her son has decided that he’s getting married in a non-Christian way, but later she has changed her mind.

Rune explains: “I think she has now come to accept it. She can see how happy paganism makes me and how it has helped me get my life together. Before I was a Viking, I didn’t have a wife, a baby and a house – now look at me.”

At the wedding ceremony attended 130 guests who enjoyed a party that lacked Spotify playlists, but enjoyed the Old Norse songs. They were, also present when a pig was sacrificed during the ceremony.

About the dance, Elisabeth stated: “We had no Spotify. Instead, we danced to live music that our ancestors danced to over a millennium ago.”

In the beginning, not everyone was enthusiastic about the party, but the skepticism has been solved more and more, and they began to enjoy the vibe.

Here are some moments of the wedding ceremony:

  • During the dawn, Rune arrives in a longboat accompanied with his 10 closest friends. That was the beginning of the procession of the wedding.
  • The voice of the hunting horns signified the time for the people to assemble and witness the holy matrimony.
  • While holding a branch of dried rose in one hand, the gothi, chants blessings to officiate the wedding.
  • Using the blood sacrifice on his face gothi proceeds to hand a sword that both the man and woman must hold. This moment signified the harmonization and unification.
  • The next thing was the Brullaup – a race between two families who were unified through the wedding!

Elisabeth was dressed in her loving woolen cloak, which is not a princess dress, but more of a Queen.

The main idea of the Viking revivalists was to prevent more people from stigmatizing this fascinating culture with violence, rape, and war.

According to Rune Vikings were no more terrible than any other group of people from that time. They were people who had a great appreciation for nature, for animal life, and for the land.

For the guests who did not look so amused in the beginning Elisabeth said:

“By the end, they could all feel the energy and the love that we generated.”

They are now a small, happy family, blessed with a son, named Ragnar, and they adopted a puppy as well.


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