Couple Transform Run-Down House Into Incredible Dream Home


Physical labor can be difficult for many people, especially if they’re not experienced in it. However, working physically can help you physically and mentally, as well as save you a couple of bucks in some instances. One great example of saving money by doing physical labor is buying an old, run-down house and renovating it yourself rather than paying other people to do it for you or purchasing new construction.

Renovation vs New Construction

Different variables depend on whether you renovate an existing building or start from scratch. Both choices have their advantages and disadvantages. However, in the long run, if you have enough money to spend on a new construction then go for it. If not, then it’s important to think about renovating the house.

If you decide to renovate the existing building, it will be more sustainable and cost-effective upfront. Make sure you calculate the costs of the renovation and think if you’re able to sell the house in the future at the price that’s greater than the renovation costs. If the renovation costs are less than the money you’ll receive if you sell the house in the future, then it’s a worthwhile investment. If not, then you shouldn’t consider renovating. Additionally, if you plan on renovating a house to live in for years, then go for it, it’s a worthy investment.

It goes without saying that if you’re able to do some of the reconstruction yourself rather than paying others to do it for you, you can benefit greatly from the lower pricing. Additionally, you won’t have to put up with workers coming every day and running around your house, especially if you’re afraid of the COVID-19 virus. The less contact, the better.

Even though there are many benefits to creating new construction, it will cost you much more than you think.

Couple Renovates Old Run-Down House

When talking about physical labor, Lizzy and Phil from Hertfordshire were up for the challenge. They managed to turn a run-down old house into a luxury home that people dream of. The house is built with a two-story extension and a swimming pool.

The DIY couple has been sharing posts on Instagram from the work they’ve put up on a house bought in 2014. The entire project took five years to finish and they gradually turned it into a dream house. Spending about £100,000 and lots of work sweat on the project, the couple is happy how the project turned.

Working full-time jobs (marketing and finance) did not help the couple with labor. They were only able to renovate during weekends and evenings. More than 90% of the work they did by themselves, from digging foundations, plumbing, fitting bathrooms, kitchens, underfloor heating. They were even able to convert the old garage into four rooms since it was too narrow for a modern car. The couple even installed a pool for the hotter days.

What’s even more impressive, they were able to tile 100m2 of the back garden during the lockdown.

The couple lived without heating for more than six months during winter since the gas was cut off. Additionally, they had a terrible time with dust since it covered everything they owned. However, all the sacrifices from time to money were incredibly rewarding.

Now their new house has full home automation including scene lighting, room-by-room smart heating (no more problems for the colder days), whole house audio, and integrated audio-visual system.

Lizzy and Phil encourage others to follow their steps. Everyone is capable of doing what they’ve done. Using the Internet, they were able to see how to do things, especially Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest since they saw different images for inspiration.

The only thing they regret is deciding the coloring early since they painted the house neutral colors. They decided on neutral coloring because they had the intent to repaint once they knew which colors they prefer, however, repainting an entire house is a lot of work.

Right now, the couple is at their final stage – relaxation. They are enjoying the house with all the work they’ve put up and stay by the garden when the weather is good.


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