Cow Born On Valentine’s Day With Perfect Heart-Shaped Patch On Its Head


This amazing calf was born on Valentine’s Day at Parkshaw Farm in Northern Ireland. What’s amazing about the calf is on its head, it has a perfectly shaped heart patch which makes it a million times cuter.

Even if you dislike Valentine’s Day and think of it as the scheme for making more money for businesses across the world, the calf born on a day like that with a heart on its forehead must be fate.

The little calf has a light brown coat and huge brown eyes. Its eyelashes can make any girl jealous. The award for the cutest animal in 2020 will definitely be given to this adorable little calf.

However, this is not the first cow that won over our hearts in recent days. Last month, the cows with the cute little ear muffs were the ones that stole our hearts.

These earmuffs were also called the “moo muffs” and they were hand-knitted and given to tiny calves so that their ears don’t feel cold.

Farmers across the world started giving their calves ear muffs so that they’ll feel protected through the cold weather.

Even though these ‘moo muffs’ is becoming quite a fashion statement among the farmers, we’re not to forget that it’s much more than a fashion statement but a way to help the cows survive the winter.

Dr. W. Dee Whitter, the author of a paper called Calves and the Cold, made a statement saying: “The extremities are most at risk. Frozen ears and tails result in changes in cattle appearance but do not affect cattle performance significantly. Sadly, if a calf’s feet freeze, it must be put to sleep or it will die.”

The last thing we need to see is a picture of the calf with a heart on its forehead wearing ‘moo muffs’. The entire world will explode from the cuteness.


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