Crying Is Not A Sign Of Weakness – It’s A Sign Of Emotional Intelligence


Crying is a response to a particular emotional state, so one cries with sadness, some with happiness, someone crying out a verse of a lovely song, movies or other reasons. It involves the secretion of tears through the lacrimal apparatus, without irritation to the eyes and is always beneficial and soothing.

The fact is that everyone is crying, but just because they need a good cry does not make them weak.

Unfortunately, especially negative individuals, think that open expression of emotions is a sign that one cannot control her/himself or that these personalities are immature, but this is not true. On the contrary, not all people who openly express their emotions are immature, but rather, they are emotionally intelligent.

Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to be aware and express their feelings. Sometimes people do not want to show the weak side of themselves, so they refrain from crying and let things go without showing emotion, and of course, it can work.

But if emotions are never expressed, people may end up miserable because they will pile up and cause negative things in their daily lives.

For all those who just go through the motions and pretend that everything is okay, even though it’s not, they probably seriously need a good emotional release. If this ignoring of feelings lasts longer, it will lead to an increase in the total negativity and will leave them feeling as if they are helpless.

For this reason, it is necessary for all people to understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling things.

Psychologists argue that crying can help get things over, helps to progress properly, helps to overcome things that people are going through, and this is a way to make people feel better.

Crying release of things that people feel and properly deal with. In doing so, people turn to things, feel them, and then move on from them, instead of shutting themselves down and running away from them.

Likewise, crying helps people reduce stress and can create miracles to move things forward. Its soothing effect is also a great way to self-soothe. People who pay off well tend to feel a lot better and are not as swollen on the inside.

According to Dr. Judith Orloff emotional tears, on the whole, have special health benefits. It is also supported by biochemist and tear expert Dr. William Frey of Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis, who found that reflex tears are 98% water, while emotional tears also contain stress hormones.

This hormone is excreted in the body by crying and contains other toxins that have accumulated during stress.

According to additional studies, crying stimulates the production of endorphins, a natural painkiller in our body and produces the hormone of “good feeling”.

Scientists claim that humans are the only creatures known to release emotional tears, although according to some studies, this is possible with elephants and gorillas. In other mammals and crocodiles, tears are produced reflexively and serve as protection and lubricating agents.

Crying is good for people even when the problem arises. Emotional tears, apart from physical detoxification, heal the heart, so they should not be restrained. When people cry, they feel the need to apologize, explaining that they tried not to make it happen.

The most common reason why they report crying is their weakness. They claim it comes from their parents who were uncomfortable with tears and from a society that tells them that only weak people cry. It is often heard that “powerful men don’t cry.”

Experts on this issue strongly oppose these claims and advocate the paradigm that a powerful man and woman are the ones who have the strength and self-awareness to cry. These people can impress others, not those who act like macho men.

Our recommendation is that you do not abide by outdated, false beliefs about crying because it is good and healthy to cry.

Crying will emotionally clear the sadness and stress and also essential to deal with sadness when occasionally waves of tears fall, especially after a loss. Tears are of great use in these situations so that people can process the loss and continue to live with open hearts, otherwise, depression is inevitable if these strong feelings are suppressed.

The point of all of the above is that there is no reason to force people to hide their tears and never to cry. Therefore, if feelings cause crying, it should be done. In this way, crying helps more than can currently be seen and does not make people weak.


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