Cyclist Replaces Tires With Sawmill Blades So He Can Ride on a Frozen Lake


The product-hacking engineer, known as The Q, got pretty creative due to the subzero temperatures that come naturally with every winter season.

Looking at the frozen lakes, he got an idea. When a lake freezes, people can either look at them by foot, or they can walk on them by ice skates. Considering these two options, he thought that it would be nice if there’s another, third option that people could take into consideration.

What he had in his mind was to replace his bicycle wheels with circular sawmill blades. That way, he could experience on the ice. He decided to name his invention the “Icycyle”.

Creating the “Icycyle”

He got really busy developing his idea. First, he removed his bike’s original tires and spokes, so that he could replace them with giant steel disks with sharp blades on the edges. When he took the bike for a test, he noticed that the sharp blades cut straight through the ice and made it not possible for him to ride it on the surface.

Immediately, he started thinking about fixing the issue and improving his product. He took his bike back to his workshop and tried adding additional metal parts to each of the blades. The second test drive was a complete success. There’s a video on YouTube that features the engineer riding on the lake’s surface with no difficulties whatsoever.

Anyways, this isn’t the first time that this same engineer replaced traditional bike wheels. In 2019, this amazing and incredibly innovative engineer came up with a pair of spinners featuring multiple running shoes which were affixed to the end of large spokes. A bumpy ride was the final outcome, which is completely opposite of his latest hack that is smooth as ice.


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