Dad Gives Daughter An Amazing Lockdown Graduation


Lockdown Affecting Graduation Ceremonies

Lockdown has affected schools across the world with most of them being temporarily closed. Students in some countries have been following online classes so that they can finish the semester and not lose precious years of educational programs. Even though there is a lot of controversy about how the testing will take place, this is an amazing idea to help the students with finishing their subject credits and continue with their education.

The lockdown also affects senior students that should have been graduating this semester. If the students are lucky enough, the college or high-school will allow them to finish their classes. However, another problem emerges for the students even though it’s not a big deal. Graduating students usually go to the graduating ceremony where they get called on by a professor and receive their diploma and recognition for their achievements. It’s a very wholesome ceremony that I think every graduating student should experience it.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, these ceremonies have been canceled all across the country. Many families of graduates have tried their best to find a way to have this ceremony in a different way such as cooking their child’s favorite food or having a zoom celebration with family and friends. Some people even allowed the graduate to burn all of the homework that he had received as a celebration. For me, I think this father has had one of the best celebration ideas as of yet.

Father-Daughter Relationship

In a past article, we’ve talked about the importance of Teacher-Student and Parent-Child relationships. Another very powerful relationship that girls experience is the Father-Daughter relationship. Having a positive father-daughter relationship will impact the girl’s life greatly and help her develop in her life. With the influence of her father, the daughter will help shape her confidence, self-esteem, self-image, and opinions on men.

Father Organizes Amazing Quarantine Graduation Ceremony

One father, Torrence Burson from Memphis, Tennessee, wanted his daughter to have his daughter experience a graduation ceremony after getting her bachelor’s degree from Xavier University, New Orleans. Pierce earned a degree in public health science for epidemiology. In the future, she plans on joining the Armed Forces and wants to work for the Centers for Disease Control.

The father saw that his daughter, Pierce, was crying over missing her college graduation ceremony and he tried his best to give her a similar ceremony as a proper one.

After graduation day arrived, Pierce’s father was able to let her walk across a stage with ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ playing on loudspeakers. All of this was going on in front of their house and their neighbors got to see her walk across the stage from a distance. Other friends and neighbors drove past to cheer for her celebration.

Burson gave a statement to Fox 13 Memphis and said that the motivation for this extravagant honor was the love he had for his daughter. He also added that if he got another chance to make a graduation ceremony for his daughter, “I’d probably do it even bigger.”

Pierce was very excited and overwhelmed with the effort her father put up for her. She was also very surprised that lots of people showed up for her ceremony, some of them just passing by and screaming ‘Congratulations!’

Burson posted a 45-minute video on his Facebook profile of the entire ceremony and it’s otherworldly. This just shows how far one father will go to give happiness to his daughter.


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