Different Type Of Art: Stacking Firewood


Artists can make their artworks by using different types of materials, and they are doing them wherever they think is an appropriate place. It is not unusual that many artists use wood for their artworks, but using a stack of firewood is an original way to turn it into a beautiful artwork or decoration.

They can improve the interior design or the entire look of a garden or other places around the house. The project we are speaking about is impressive and can be implemented in every house. This is, theoretically simple process, but it still needs somebody who knows how to do it.

The pieces of wood can be stacked in various ways, but they will be eventually used for artistically heating your home. In practice, it is not easy, because it needs patience and an enduring spirit. As there are lots of ways you can stack wood and create art at the same time, sometimes pieces can’t stick together at first, but it’s important to not give up.

If you go for the `painting` solution, you can place different colored wood in a way you illustrate a scene, similar to a regular canvas painting. Some interesting designs could be inspired by nature, animals, trees, and birds. To make it more challenging, try with the human portraits, such those made by Ole Kristian Kjelling.

Something that can be done is making `statues` or all kinds of 3-D structures, like an entire fireplace or a tall tower. Some artists that have plenty of wood, are doing a whole house with the stacking method.

For someone who wants to blend wood in the interior design of his home, he can always fill a hole in the wall. Here can be used unused places, for instance, fireplace or other holes, to make the décor more rustic.

Browsing on the source given below, you can find photos to inspire you in this endeavor. If the design is more complicated, you will have to work harder to achieve a nice end-product.

You will be happy with the results achieved, as this easily impresses guests and friends who have the possibility to see your art for the first time.


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