Dining Table With a Hidden Puzzlegame Compartment


Every puzzle solver probably had the idea of getting an entire table that will have the purpose of solving puzzles. What if I told you that you can get this kind of table, and use it as a dining table as well?

This custom kitchen table has a secret compartment that’s used to store your puzzles. By adjusting it in different directions, you can be solving puzzles, drinking your preferred beverages, and then close the compartment to save your progress for later. Instead of just occupying one space in your house with a giant puzzle, this custom kitchen table is a very efficient way to save space. You will have your unsolved puzzle in the compartment and still use the table for dining.

This Gaming Dining Table is made to be very durable for dining. It also contains additional storage for other games that you want to play such as playing cards, solving puzzles, or other family projects.

The table can be made from any wood species, it has the perfect size for any room. The beautiful, affordable, efficient, and solid wood table will give your entertainment a whole new meaning.

Even if you are playing some kind of a board game (Dungeons & Dragons, Cards Against Humanity, Risk, etc.), this table will have enough space to store it. Check it out and if you are a puzzle and board game maniac like me, you will surely want to get it!

Sources: amanteawoodwork.com

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