DIY Disinfecting Wipes You Can Make At Home!


Disinfecting your hands or objects around the house or office is a crucial thing, especially in a pandemic like today.

However, some disinfecting items, such as the disinfecting wipes from Clorox, can have a much negative effect then what it does positive. They contain lots of chemicals that may infect you with lots of diseases.

Even though Clorox wipes are very open about their ingredients, they use chemicals such as hyxoxyethanol (a grease remover used in industrial cleansing) and Alkyl C12-14 Dimethylethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride (“cleaning agent” in different products)

These two chemicals have been proven to cause different health problems. These health problems vary from eye damage, skin irritation, asthma, allergies, and problems with the respiratory organs.

Clorox is just one of the commercial disinfecting wipes that can do damage to you. There are varieties of companies that can have similar negative effects to you. So why not make your wet wipes at home? That way you’ll be sure about what chemicals are being or not being used. You’ll be only needing a few ingredients, all of which you can find easily, and your wet wipe problem is over!

Initially, you will need to order your favorite essential oils. You can choose from thieves, tea tree, lavender, and lemon which are all amazing choices. Each of these essential oils contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties. However, because of the smell, we recommend grapefruit and lemon.

After you’ve picked your essential oil, you can begin with the rest of the instructions. You will be required to have:

  • Soft cloth cut in squares (you can cut an old t-shirt in squares or other materials)
  • Some kind of storage container made from glass (1-quart mason jar can work perfectly)
  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of vinegar
  • 10-15 drops of the chosen essential oil

How to make it:

  • Use a bowl, bucket, or a tub to mix the vinegar, essential oil drops, and water.
  • Put the cut-out cloth squares in the glass container.
  • Add the mixture in the container. Make sure all of the cloths are soaked and covered by it.
  • Store the jar in a dark and cool place with a covered lid.

The best part about these wipes is that you can reuse them. Just was them in your washing machine when you’re done using them and do the process again. When you’re doing the mixture and you have some leftover that you did not use, you can save and use it for the other batch.

Additionally, it’s really easy to make them. The ingredients are very basic and you can find them or order them from anywhere. All of the ingredients are also very cheap so using commercial wet wipes will never take away your money again. Essential oils and vinegar are natural components that have cleaning properties and are very safe to use.

Hopefully, once you’ve read how easy it is to make your wet wipes you will never buy the wet wipes that are filled with chemicals from the store again. You will also finally reuse the old t-shirts that you might have lying around. However, before starting all of this, make sure that you wash them!

All you’ve got to do is decide which of the many varieties of essential oils is the one that you prefer the most. What essential oil do you want to be the smell of the house? No matter what you chose, you won’t regret it. Now go make the mixture and enjoy the smell of the natural, chemical-free, clean house.


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