DIY Weed-Be-Gone Spray – Better Alternative That Works Compared to Harsh Chemicals


Weed in the yards and gardens of many people is a really big problem, but many of them are against the use of chemicals to destroy it. That is why lovers of natural cleaners and weed killers have found a way to do this using natural ingredients. They found a completely natural remedy that has the same and even better results than many with chemicals.

This is the reason that no one has to worry about chemicals entering their beautiful garden and that the plants and food that comes from that garden will be organically healthy.

The advantage of this completely natural weed killer is that it is very easy to use and also to make, but the biggest advantage is that it really works!

There are three ingredients:

–           1-gallon vinegar

–           2 cups Epsom salt or regular salt

–           1/4 cup dish soap

A gallon or spray bottle can be used to mix the ingredients of this weed killer.

In addition to the fact that you can already have these ingredients in your home, and that you need to get them, they are not expensive at all (they can all cost you less than $ 3.00, for what amount a chemical weed killer cannot be obtained).

It allows safe spraying around animals and children, as it does not contain any toxins and substances that are harmful to breathing.


1)         Add vinegar to your container, whisk the salt and vinegar together and let the mixture stand for about an hour so that the salt dissolves completely.

2)         Add dishwashing soap, shake again when all ingredients are combined

3)         When the mixture is ready to be placed in a spray bottle.

4)         You are now ready to spray weed, which can be completely destroyed in 24 hours.

Larger weeds will also need more spraying!


–           Do not spray grass or plants around weeds as they are sensitive to them and may become extinct.

–           Be sure to use the spray while the weather is sunny, as it needs to be sunbathed to fully help kill weeds.

Ignore all the commercial offers that emphasize that weed destruction cannot occur without chemical ingredients because this is not the case! Anyone can make their own natural homemade weed killer that is just as effective!


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