Do the Squat and Abs Within 28 Days to Get Firm Behind


For women, one of the most important parts of her body is her butt. Having a firm and appealing behind is the biggest achievement for all ladies.

However, reaching a firm behind can be a bit tricky and hard, especially due to the exercises, routine, and dieting they should follow.

This 28-day routine can be intense, however, the results that you’ll reach will be life-changing. You can do these exercises at home, work, or any place that you feel like. You’ll just need to reserve some of your free time and plan out your day. You will need to increase the repetitions with time.

You can also train your abs alongside these exercises.

These are the 5 exercises you should follow throughout the 28 days:

  1. Leg Lifts – 30 secs 

  • Starting position – lying on your back and your palms placed down adjacent to you.
  • Raise your legs from the ground and exhale simultaneously.
  • Your knees need to be kept fixated while doing this exercise. Hold the position for 30 seconds or as much as you can hold it.
  • While inhaling, return to the starting position and repeat.
  1. Mountain Climbers – 30 secs


Starting position – as you’re doing a push-up with your hands and toes holding your weight.

  • Bring a leg to under the hip while flexing your hip and knee. This will be your starting position before doing the other movements.
  • Invert your legs explosively with your bent leg being extended to the point where it’s completely straight supported by the toe. Simultaneously, move your other foot to the hip, just as your previous foot was placed. Repeat the exercise and alternate between the legs for 20-30 seconds.
  1. Squat Jumps – 20 reps

  • Starting position – Begin with your legs shoulder-width apart and continue to do a normal squat.
  • Keep your knees firm.
  • After completing your normal squat downward, explosively jump up by engaging your core.
  • When you come down from the jump, bring back your body to the squad position down. By doing this, you will be completing one rep.
  • You can do up to 10 repetitions for this exercise.
  1. Russian Twists – 20 reps

  • Starting position – Begin this position by laying on the ground and make sure you have something under your feet that is fixed and won’t move.
  • You can also have someone else help you hold your legs. Keep your legs twisted at the knees.
  • Move your core up so that it shapes a V-shape with your thighs. Additionally, your arms need to be completely reached out. This will be your starting position for the Russian Twist exercise.
  • Hold the position for a while and move the back to the starting position while breathing out simultaneously. Alternate to the other side with the same steps that you’ve done with the previous side.
  1. Sumo Squats – 20 reps

  • Starting position – Start at the same position as you’re doing with the squats but your feet need to be twice the distance outside the hip.
  • Bend your knees and bring them down with your hips simultaneously.
  • Your thighs need to be parallel with the ground.
  • Hold down your weight with the back of your feet.
  • After you move down, keep your shins vertical at the bottom, hips low, and shoulders high.
  • Move through your knees as you get up and repeat this exercise as many repetitions as you can for 30 seconds.
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