Do You See Which Letter Stands Out? Give Yourself a Pat on the Back


Many of us often take our vision for granted but the truth is that we’ll never give up our sight compared to the other senses. Our eyes are the first thing that will show us if danger approaches. Just like a computer, our eyes give out information that our brain processes and helps us make a decision. We don’t even realize most of the decisions we’re making about someone or something that we see most of the time. All of these decisions are made in the subconscious.

As for the quickness, the brain takes less than one-tenth of a second to effectively process the information it sees. Because of that, the eyes sometimes need a shortcut to keep up with the information we are processing. This is how illusions occur. They trick our eyes into seeing something that’s not there.

The 13 images below show an arrangement of letters and with a glance, you’ll see that they are all the same (especially for the last few images). However, each picture contains all but one same letter. Many people have difficulties finding the letters so make sure you try it yourself to see how well you do. Take a piece of paper or find something where you can write the answers on. After the last image, the answers for each puzzle are written so make sure you don’t scroll down. Also, don’t be a cheater and test yourself how well you’ll do on this quiz. You can even time yourself and see how well you do in a specific period. If you time yourself, make sure you start with less than 2 minutes.

Here are the images:

Correct Answers

If you reach this part and still haven’t found all the odd letters, go back up!

Check and see how many of the answers you got correct:

Number 1: 5

Number 2: I

Number 3: N

Number 4: q

Number 5: O

Number 6: g

Number 7: E

Number 8: V

Number 9: Y

Number 10: M

Number 11: Y

Number 12: 8

Number 13: 0

If you got 10 or more answers correct, good job! Your brain is functioning perfectly and your eye-to-brain coordination is great. Anything lower than 10 is average and below average.

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