Do You Suddenly Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night? Here’s What it Can Mean


Have you heard of the Chinese body clock?

The Chinese body clock is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and is based on the idea that by using them at their peak, you can get the most out of your energy from certain organs.

The peaks of individual organs vary. For example, the lungs are at their height between 3 and 5 in the morning.

What is the Chinese body clock?

To understand the Chinese biological clock, you must first grasp the concept of qi. In Chinese medicine qi means energy. It is energy in every sense of the word. For example, the Earth has qi, just like your body, as well as thoughts and emotions.

It is also important to understand that qi is constantly changing. It continually transforms as it moves through the body or between people and objects.

The Chinese biological clock is built on the concept of qi. Over the course of 24 hours, qi move at 2hour intervals in all organ systems. While you sleep, qi draws inward to fully restore your body.

How to use the clock for the good of your health?

With the concept of Chinese biological clock, you can potentially get the most out of your specific organs when they are at their peak.

For example, according to the Chinese biological clock, the lungs peak between 3 and 5 a.m. Getting up early to exercise in the morning during this time can help you maximize the potential of these organs.

5- 7 AM Large Intestine

If you are prone to constipation, try drinking half a liter of lukewarm water in the morning. The heat causes vasodilation, and hydration helps things moving. Remember this ancient Chinese saying: the boat cannot float without the water in the river!

7- 9 AM Stomach

We love breakfast, it’s definitely the highlight of the day, so we love that in Chinese medicine it means eating a tasty and nutritious meal, because digestion is at its best! Perhaps this is where the idea of   breakfast came from as the most important meal of the day?!

11 AM- 1 PM Heart

The heart is the “king of organs” because it is an important and complex organ. This is the time when the heart is working optimally.

The heart is also intimately linked with its spirit. This includes mental and emotional health and well-being, the glow that emanates, as well as quick thinking and clear speaking.

It’s a good time for lunch. Food is medicine, and eating well helps us stay emotionally grounded and physically energized (qi and blood).

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