Doctor, 29, Dies of a Stroke After Fighting Coronavirus on the Front Line for 35 Days in a Row


The work of medical staff with the onset of the coronavirus crisis has intensified significantly in all areas of the planet. Many doctors did not use the day off from the start, as was the case with a 29-year-old Chinese doctor who unfortunately died of a stroke.

Doctor Dong Tian, an anesthesiologist, after battling coronaviruses non-stop for 35 days, was pronounced dead at a hospital in Hubei, a week before his 30th birthday.

He worked non-stop on the front line for more than a month before he was completely exhausted and was rushed to hospital on 3 March.

He was treated at the Intensive Care Unit 19 days before his death, leaving behind his wife and ill father.

The video shows a funeral service in his hometown, Dangyang in Hubei province. People accompanied him with a banner written on it

“Welcome to the house of the anti-coronavirus hero, Dong Tian.”

Due to the epidemic that quickly swallowed Hubei Province, the former epicenter of the coronavirus, Dr. Dong, who took care of his ailing father at home, voluntarily returned to work at the end of January.

After working for 35 days in a row, the doctor got a break and was isolated due to quarantine needs, when his health deteriorated significantly. He was rushed to the hospital as he began to lose his ability to speak during his quarantine.

His death was reported on March 21 at Zhejiang People’s Hospital, where Dr. Dong worked. They point out that Dong Tian was effective and proactive in his work, consistently respected leaders, and kind to all his colleagues.

According to his medical faculty, in a separate statement,

“Dong Tian is an outstanding representative of ‘millennial doctors.’”

They add that he used his life to express his goodwill and love as a doctor, sacrificing his youth and passion for his medical career.

This news spread at a time when 3,675 medical professionals from across the country have returned to their hometowns to help with the coronavirus. For the second time in a row, zero domestic cases have been reported in China.

There are a large number of patients waiting in line at Wuhan Union Medical College’s Fever Clinic to check if they are infected.

Fortunately, China reported ZERO domestic cases of coronavirus for the second consecutive day, but the number of imported infections increased to 228. As the country reports a sharp decline in new infections, medical personnel from other parts of China have left Wuhan picturesquely.

According to statistics, infected travelers to China have spread the virus to more and more provinces, increasing pressure on authorities to tighten entry rules and health protocols.

Last update on March 24, 2020, 10:07 GMT shows that there are 386,406 coronavirus cases, 16,747 deaths and 102,393 recovered.

Conclusions from analyzes by scientists at the Health Data Research UK, University College London, and Cambridge University are that there is a need to increase pressure on Boris Johnson to apply the “social distance” rules.

Using NHS data for 3.8 million adults in England, the team estimated that the number of victims of the epidemic would be between 35,000 and 70,000.


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