Dog ‘Cries’ After Sadistic Owner Forces Him To Eat Bowl of Hot Chili Peppers For His Cruel Amusement


There are so many dog owners across the world and some of them don’t know how to treat them right. They think of the dog as an object or a play-thing instead of another soul and living being. Instead of connecting with the dog deeply and personally, they use them for their amusement and social media fame. One owner from China abused his dog by force-feeding him a bowl of red chili peppers. What’s worse is that he used the dog to entertain his live-stream. The dog can be seen in pain and crying because of the spicy peppers. These animal binge-eating videos are a cruel trend on Chinese social media called ‘Mukbang’ or ‘Chibo’. The trend started after China cracked down on Mukbang bloggers as a way to reduce the waste of food.

The ‘Operation Empty Plate’ is a campaign launched by Chinese president Xi against food waste back in August. Before this initiative, the Mukbang trend became very popular in the country. The trend began in South Korea and it consists of a blogger eating an excessive amount of food while simultaneously interacting with people watching him/her. With the campaign restricting streamers to create such content, they used the opportunity to force-feed their dogs excessive amounts of food to entertain their followers.

In the video below, you can see the owner of a German shepherd feeding the dog a big bowl of Sichuan Chili Chicken. Many people can’t stand the spiciness of this dish so imagine how bad the dog felt when he ate it. With the continuous suffering of the dog, the owner is joking around and talking to his viewers that the dog loves it.

Other than this video, there are thousands of others on YouTube in which people record themselves force-feeding their pets with a variety of food.


Animal Cruelty

Across the world, there is an enormous number of reported animal cruelty cases every day. Imagine how many more cases exist that aren’t even reported. From neglecting them to inflicting pain, these cruel people are abusing these animals left and right.

The most common victims of abused animals are cats, dogs, horses, and livestock. When it comes to livestock that’s being kept in a factory farm industry, just being locked up in a 2×2 is cruelty. Imagine just how much more abuse they take from the farmers and people working at the factory.

There is no way to prevent such aggressiveness, especially for the cases that aren’t even reported. We’re lucky enough that the person that force-fed the German shepherd shared his act online so he can be prosecuted.


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