Dog Rings The Doorbell To Get Back Home After Escaping


Dogs are interesting animals that, in addition to being loyal to their owners, can give them interesting moments. Here’s one of those weird moments the dog made when he returned home after the escape, imagine he rang the doorbell of his owner, the way people do.

This moment was captured by its owner’s security camera, which was set up to monitor the situation. A smart door camera is actually an extra set of eyes and ears needed to protect the home.

Using these new bells, people can now answer their door while they are out of the house but also help to catch potential criminals. In this case, instead of a criminal, this bell caught a bizarre and ridiculous moment. This technology, helped Greg Basel see his dog ring the doorbell when he returned home. Considering this was funny, Basel shared the video online.

Greg’s Golden Retriever, who is three months old, somehow managed to get out of the house. However, as expected, his escape did not last very long, as he had to return unless something bad happened to him. The case came to attention because no one expected him to ring the doorbell on his return. His escape and outdoor life experience did not last long as the dog wished to return inside. Through his actions, the puppy proved to be very smart. Here you can watch and listen as it hits the door bell, which is not usually a “ding dong” bell, but plays a knocking sound.



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