Dogs are Born with Ears and Tails. They Should Get to Keep Them.


The torture that ear cropping and tail docking does to dogs, leaves them handicapped for the rest of their lives. They can be traumatized by the pain the procedures cause.

A new study shows that half of the Americans are unaware that certain breeds are not born without a tail and pointy ears.

Too many study participants were unable to identify certain breeds of dogs whose ears were erected and tails were gone. And many of us are confused, as we became used to certain looks, unfortunately, aren’t born that way.

The most common misunderstanding is connected to one of America’s most popular breeds, Doberman Pinscher.

Miniature Schnauzer, the Brussels Griffon, and boxers are the most unrecognizable breeds without their cut off features.

Opposite of the belief of 42% of Americans, the untouched breeds are born different than their most popular looks.

Not long after birth, part of their ears an almost whole tale is chopped off.

Despite the ethics, necessary body parts are being amputated just to please their owners and for aesthetic reasons.

Katelyn Mills, a study author, thinks that the lack of awareness about the true looks of these breeds is worldwide.

She told the Washington Post:

“People disconnect themselves from things if they find it uncomfortable. They don’t want to know about it.”

Three to five days after the dog is born, they cut its tail bone with scalpels and scissors. After they do the cutting, they cut the blood circulation to the tail until it lacks enough blood to fall off. Typically, the procedures are done without using an anesthetic.

For the ears, the owner decides by his desire how much they should be cut. Usually, Dobermans get a ‘show crop’ or a ‘military crop’. Until the ears heal and stand up straight, they are forced upright with a tape.

Like any other living beings on earth, these dogs evolved with such parts to use them, not to cut them and make them look as someone pleases.

The main purpose of tail and ears in dogs is to communicate with humans and other species. Without them, they lack emotions and body language.

A wagging tail and floppy ears are signs of a happy dog that us both safe and friendly and ready to play. On the other hand, straight up the tail and erected ears remind us of a dog ready to attack.

Studies suggest that dogs with cropped tails and ears seem to be more aggressive and ready to fight. It doesn’t matter if they are in a good or bad mood, they find it hard to socialize and play with other dogs.

Even though many owners train their dogs for hunting and fighting, and want their dogs to appear dominant, it causes irreversible damage.

Canine writer Julie Hecht says:

“What is scary to me about the cropping is that you’re essentially creating a very alert, forward-looking appearance, even if that is not how the dog is wanting to present itself”

She also believes that their appearance makes them less likely to be adopted and get affection from dogs and humans.

“In terms of how dogs are perceived by humans alone, I feel very bad for them. It’s nice to be perceived as friendly and approachable.”


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