Don’t Miss These 4 Awesome Cosmic Events In October!


With amazing celestial events coming soon, October 2020 will be an amazing month. The universe blessed this month with an incredible combination of unimaginable experiences and views.

  1. October 2nd –Full Moon and Mars Close to One Another

During this day, we will experience both a Full Harvest Moon and an exciting appearance by Mars. Both the Moon and Mars will be close to one another from what we can see on Earth. Additionally, the Moon will be 98% illuminated. All you’ll need to have during this event is a place that is far away from light pollution and a pair of binoculars to give you a precise view. Depending on where you live, the Full Moon will appear full starting from October 1 and appear full for about 3 days.

  1. October 13th – Seeing Mars at its Brightest

During the night of October 13, Mars will reach opposition. Additionally, Earth will position itself between Mars and the sun. From Earth, we will see Mars opposite the sun. The fiery red colors of Mars will appear at the brightest until 2035. Throughout the entire October, Mars will be closest to us and outshine any other star.

  1. October 21st – Orionid Meteor Shower

As a person that enjoys watching meteor showers, I cannot wait until this day to see the Orionid Meteor Shower. This cosmic event will be visible from October 20-24 with the peak occurring after midnight on October 21. During the peak, you will see up to 70 shooting stars per hour. Additionally, the moonlight won’t surpass the meteors which will allow you to see the stars on a dark sky.

  1. October 31st – Uranus closest and largest for 2020 & Blue Moon

Aside from Halloween night, October 31 will also bring us two incredible cosmic events. We can observe Uranus while at opposition, making the planet the closest, largest, and brightest for the year. Uranus will be at the highest point around midnight. Additionally, the Moon will be full on this night making it the second Full Moon in one month called the Blue Moon.

A Relief of Positivity

With all the negative things occurring during 2020, it’s a relief that we will be experiencing such amazing events in one month. During 2020, Earth was struck by wildfires, riots, war conflicts, explosions, and the worst of all – the pandemic. Having these positive cosmic events occur will allow us to clear our minds from all the negativity and enjoy ourselves. With so many months in lockdown and quarantine, you can finally go out and see these events (not in a crowd and in countries that aren’t in lockdown). Pack your telescope, cameras, and binoculars (as well as blankets if it’s cold) and go to a place in the mountains with low light pollution to fully enjoy these magnificent events!


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