Entitled “Karen” Mistakes Customer For An Employee, He Makes The Situation Hilarious For Himself


Internet memes became the primary method of communication on social media. Whether it’s a post made by your favorite Celebrity or a family member, memes have become part of pop culture. Almost anything can become a meme, from a person to an inanimate object. But what is a meme?

A meme is an idea, style, or behavior that becomes viral from person to person. All memes carry some kind of symbolic meaning whether representing a particular phenomenon or theme.

Before memes became what they are today, they were just weird pictures that were posted by people on the internet as entertainment. Today, memes are part of life with people using them every minute on social media.

Karen Meme

One of the recent most popular memes is the ‘Karen’ meme. If you search the hashtag #Karen on Twitter or Instagram, you will get millions of pictures and videos from white women screaming into the camera. Usually, these women feature puffed short hair.

Know Your Meme explains that the ‘Karen’ term is used to characterize antagonistic female characters. Women that are called Karens are typically irritating, entitled, suburban women, sometimes characterized as an ex-wife that took custody of the kids from their father. These women don’t hesitate to speak their minds and always ‘ask for the manager’ for whatever reason they think is right (typically isn’t).

Karen Mistakes Customer For Employee

One such ‘Entitled Karen’ story was posted on a Reddit thread called r/IDontWorkHereLady where a Redditor shares his experiences.

Everyone has mistaken a customer for an employee or they have been confused as a customer. It happens to all of us. This subreddit is exactly for that: people mistaking customers for employees. Its description says that the subreddit “involves stories about folks that go into other businesses and have irate customers mistake them for employees.”

The Reddit user u/Wiggle_it_loose shared his story of a very rude woman (basically Karen) named ‘Douchebagette’ in the post. She attacked the Reddit user with commands to get an eyelash curler for her. Instead of following Karen’s command, the Reddit user defended himself with the most lethal weapon ever: cold, hard honesty. You can see for yourself just how brutal this conversation went.

Aside from this story, there are many more instances where people assume someone works at a certain location. It’s much more common to make this mistake and assume a customer is an employee. However, if you act like ‘Karen’, then be sure that you’ll get a reaction like u/Wiggle_it_loose gave her.




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