Even In A World Full Of Toxic People, You Should Never Stop Being Kind


Many people agree on the idea that being a nice person in a world full of toxic people is pointless. They think by being kind you will be the one left hurt in the end. But why don’t we focus on the good parts of being a kind person? In a world full of mean people, be the light that spreads kindness.

There is a reason why so many people are mean and toxic. Almost every one of them has been hurt in the past, but won’t admit. They only focus on the anger they carry. However, if kind people embrace themselves more, the world will see a new light. We should stop spreading negativity and instead focus on life advantages.

Our life is full off contraries: pleasure vs. pain, beautiful vs. ugly, strong vs. weak, good vs. evil etc.

Every person on the planet experiences evil in some parts of their life. But the best option is to ignore and defeat evil. All you can do is smile and walk away from the toxic people that hurt you.

It surely is hard to stay strong when someone harms you or offends you. But, there is no need to become like them; therefore you need to resist the temptation of doing the same that has been done to you. Never forget who you are and let the bitterness change you.

Some people are too insecure and bring other people down because of it. The ones that are bad, are actually sad, and deep down they fight their own ‘monsters’. You shouldn’t let them steal your joy.

It is hard to stay true to yourself after you’ve been hurt for so many times. But if you find it pleasing making others happy, why stop? If you are passionate and determinate to spread kindness, negative people will have nothing on you.

Other people won’t give you the credit every time you make something good. But do not ever regret that decision and move on with doing the things you like. There will always be people who, at some point, will appreciate what you do.

We all go through hard times and sometimes let our emotions guide us. As we go through changes, we become either a kind or a mean person. If you feel you are toxic to yourself and others, stop and see what you are doing wrong. Gain more knowledge, changed your mindset, and live your life to the fullest.

Source: www.thefinestminds.com

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