Every Woman Should Know These 15 Tricks With Baking Soda


Since Ancient Egyptian times, people knew about the beneficial properties of baking soda. As of now, there are over 300 different ways of using it and housewives from around the world used it for many centuries. This article will show you the fifteen most popular usage of it.

Almost everyone has baking soda at home. However, what do you use baking soda for? Do you use it for baking? This cheap and versatile tool can be used in a variety of things, from relieving heartburn symptoms to whitening your teeth.

Baking soda should be at the top of your list of products that should always be at hand.

This product is universal and available all over the world. It can also be used for dealing with unwanted insects and will make everything much easier.

These are the top ways to use baking soda:

  1. Natural deodorant
  • Not only will you stop using chemical deodorants, but will also smell fresh.
  1. Insect bites
  • Using baking soda on a bite of an insect can help it ease the irritation.
  1. Heartburn
  • Drinking baking soda will relieve heartburn.
  1. Hair
  • Using baking soda on your hair can help increase its growth.
  1. Scrub
  • Scrubbing it on your body can help fight skin imperfections such as blackheads, wrinkles, and tarnished skin.
  1. Bad breath
  • Drinking baking soda will help you with bad breath.
  1. Stretch marks
  • Baking soda can reduce visible stretch marks.
  1. Stains
  • Stains on any cloth item can be easily removed with baking soda.
  1. Rough skin
  • If you have rough skin on your feet, put on a warm sock with baking soda and this situation will be fixed completely.
  1. Abscesses
  • It is amazing as an abscess treatment.
  1. Jewelry
  • It can return your jewelry’s previous shine.
  1. Fridge smell
  • The unpleasant smells from your fridge can be easily cleaned up using baking soda.
  1. White teeth
  • Make your teeth whiter by brushing them with baking soda.
  1. Softening peas and beans
  • It will help the beans and peas get ready to cook quicker.
  1. Sunburn
  • By applying it on the area that is burnt, you will soothe the skin and help with the irritation.
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