Fiji Water Billionaire Owners Donate $750 Million To Climate Change Research


One of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century is a Climate change, which can affect human societies in multiple ways.

Climatic conditions can interfere with lives in multiple ways and play a significant role in people’s lives. The causes of climate change are known, and they put human action at the center of the debate. Because the consequences of climate change are complex, diversified, inevitable the causes and ways of solving them are in continuous research, and any contribution to do it in the best way is very important.

Among the biggest contributors that support the climate change research are billionaires Stewart and Lynda Resnick, who has pledged to donate $750 million to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

They co-own The Wonderful Company, which is the largest producer of almonds and pistachios whose brands include Fiji Water. Their donation aims to support environmental sustainability research.

According to the university, for such research, their commitment is the largest ever, and the second-largest gift given to a US academic institution.

In his statement, Stewart Resnick, a chairman, and president of The Wonderful Company said that such investment is vital if people ever hope to tackle the climate emergency they’re currently facing.

As per Business Insider, he stated:

“In order to comprehensively manage the climate crisis, we need breakthrough innovations, the kind that will only be possible through significant investment in university research.

Science and bold creativity must unite to address the most pressing challenges facing energy, water, and sustainability.”

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) uses the pledge for building a 75,000 square foot building called the Resnick Sustainability Research Center which will serve as a hub for the research. Additionally, it will provide state-of-the-art undergraduate teaching laboratories.

The university will focus research on:

–           Measuring, modeling and mitigating climate change;

–           Global ecology;

–           Managing water resources;

–           Building smarter electricity infrastructure; and

–           Conversion of the sun’s energy into fuels.

According to Caltech President’s (Thomas F. Rosenbaum) interview for Forbes, sustainability is the challenge very important for today, but also the future, so Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s generosity and vision will permit Caltech to tackle issues of water, food, energy, and waste in a world confronting rapid climate change.

The Institute, named by Resnick (Resnick Sustainability Institute) now has the ability to support researchers across campus to follow their imaginations and translate fundamental discovery into technologies. These possibilities will dramatically advance solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

This is not the only donation of the couple, because ten years ago, they contributed $20 million to the university when the Resnick Sustainability Institute was established.

In 2014, they continued their generosity and donated a further $15 million to create the Resnick Institute Innovation Fund. This fund was established to provide fellowships and awards for students studying sustainability science and clean-energy.

All those donations are significant and will hopefully help pave the way for researchers to make considerable progress in tackling the climate crisis.


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