Firefighters, EMS Can Now Free Pets From Hot Cars Without Penalty


In the State of New York, EMS and Firefighters are allowed to let pets free from being left in hot cars without penalty.

The governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill this week which allows a bigger number of emergency responders to help the pets in distress. EMS, paid firefighters, and volunteer firefighters can take any measures to free the animals that are left in cars with no civil liability.

Only animal control officers and police officers were allowed to free the pets out of the cars without getting in trouble before Tuesday.

With the new legislation, the time pets must wait to be rescued has been reduced.

Cuomo states on Tuesday in a press release that “Leaving a pet in a stifling hot or freezing cold car is inhumane and potentially dangerous, and emergency responders should have the ability to remove them if necessary. As a dog owner myself, I am proud to sign this measure into law to help ensure the safety and well-being of animals.”


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