Florida Farm Grows Avocados Up to 3-Feet Long, And Cost As Much As $47 Each


After their post on Instagram, a farm in Florida called Miami Fruit is growing in attention for their giant long-neck avocados.

Their videos posted on Instagram gained 100,000 viewers and 6,000 comments. The video shows a farmer on the Miami Fruit farm opening and scooping out the flesh from a weird-looking avocado. This avocado is 100% non-GMO and organic.

The farm explains that this variety of avocado is not commercially sold and many people will see it for the first time. The heirloom variety is very rare and grows on the Pura Vida avocado tree. The neck of the avocado extends up from the pitted area.

Insider made a report on these avocados and they’ve stated that the official name of the unique fruit is Persea Americana Russell, originating from Islamorada Village in the Florida Keys.

The average length of the fruits is 18 inches and they can weigh from one to three pounds. On their website, it says that the flesh is soft yet pliant, high in moisture with a melting quality. Edelle Schlegel, one of the co-founders of Miami Fruit, states that the avocados are creamy, thick, savory, and slightly sweet. She also added that this variety is limited and people buy it out quickly.


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These long-neck avocados ripen quickly, just like regular avocados, and one of these avocados can make you up to 12 pieces of avocado toast.

Miami Fruit farm started off as a small fruit stand harvesting and selling long-neck avocados from the middle to late summer. From their website, you can pre-order the avocados with a choice of four different box sizes. The smallest of the boxes contain 3-6 pounds of avocados and will cost you $47, whereas the biggest one contains 35-45 pounds of avocados with a cost of $197.

They also do shipments for other fruits across the U.S. such as rambutans, guanabanas, sugar apples, and dragonfruit.


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Additionally, they harvest the fruits from local farms in South Florida and from their own farm every week. Almost all of the products that they sell are grown in the USA by hard-working farmers that produce the highest quality of tropical fruits.

Make sure you visit their site and order yourself a box or two of these rare tropical fruits.


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