France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels


These end of the world forecasts due to our environmental health should concern all of us and it’s time for us to start doing something to make a change. Hopefully, it’s not too late for us to start but every little thing done for conservation counts.

Many people started changing their consciousness since a lot of people started spreading awareness. Our awareness that our actions can have consequences in this world showed us that we make the biggest impact on the environment. Whether it’s buying a plastic bottle instead of a reusable one, or using the store’s bags instead of using the same ones. Additionally, we buy things to replace our old stuff which are perfectly usable and acceptable. These are just a few of the bad impacts we make and as of now, people are starting to change those things.

It took us way too long for us to change our thinking about not being able to make a change just as an individual. Even though one plastic bottle or one plastic bag won’t make a difference from the billions throughout the world, but it’s got to start somewhere. If every single individual starts taking care of the environment, then that one plastic bottle will become a billion. Our individual lives are what make our collective lives. These changes that we need to make are not a choice but our duty to each other and the world that we live in. Because every single person can be responsible for the damages that are caused to our earth.

This does not exclude businesses and corporations. In reality, they can be the biggest indicators and polluters in our world because of their size and industry. Even though as of now not a lot of businesses care about saving the environment, there are some big companies such as Aldi that take things in their own hands and try to make the world a better place. However, until every single big business, industry, and the person in charge of both see the bigger picture, our world will never be safe from pollution.

France made a huge change in March of 2015 toward reducing environmental impact and making sure they shift the everyday consciousness as well. They made a law that made a requirement for every new rooftop of commercial buildings to be covered partially with solar panels or plants. This is a win for both business and environment.

Additionally, every top of a building will be much more beautiful and textured with green, lush plants and will improve the quality of air as well. This useless space was given purpose to have a big impact on saving our environment.

If the companies decide to put solar panels on the rooftops, they will have a great opportunity to make an impact on their pocketbook as well. Even though the solar panels are much more expensive than a green living rooftop, over time the price will pay for itself. Even after they’ve done paying for themselves, they will keep on generating electricity every day and will save the owner of the business additional cash annually.

Caring for the environment and raising awareness does not have to be a burden. In time, giving a building a living rooftop or solar panels won’t be second nature. Instead of just consuming, we need to give back as much as we can to the environment and the earth. Passing laws that will give our lives the right path to go will make sure that this happens. Perhaps in time, we will make the needed change that will take us toward a healthier environment for all of us.


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