Giraffe Gives Dying Zoo Keeper Final Kiss Goodbye


Mario, a maintenance worker at the zoo spends his dying moments with the animal he took care of for 25 years looking after him.

Mario suffered from terminal cancer and his only wish was his dying moments to be spent with his favorite animal the giraffe. When Mario was brought to the giraffe enclosure at Rotterdam’s Diegaarde Blijdorp Zoo by the Ambulance Wish Foundation, everybody was shocked. All of the giraffes sensed that there was something wrong with their beloved friend and they came right over. The giraffes gave their comfort by nuzzling and kissing the 54-year-old man. They could sense that their close friend had problems.

Mario also had a mental disability and he was given a chance to say his goodbye to his colleagues and good friends at the zoo. Just like Mario, there are many people with a terminal illness that the Ambulance Wish Foundation helps make their last wishes a reality. The foundation relies on volunteers to help make these wishes come true. Studies have shown that many animals sense illnesses and sickness in humans, even those who do not have any visible symptoms.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation transported Mario to the zoo and stated that his physical state was very concerning. He had a hard time speaking and could barely walk because of the state of his cancer. They also said that “However, his face spoke volumes. These animals recognized him, and felt that things aren’t going well with him.” This statement was made by the founder of the foundation, Kees Veldboer, told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad.

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