Grandma Is Moved To Tears When She Finds Out She’s Moving in With Her Grandson


Growing old can a tough time for some people who are not close with their closest relatives. This is not the case for Bobby Windham. This elderly lady has reached certain popularity on the Internet thanks to her beloved grandson, Matthew Steward. The duo is known as “GB and Me”. They became famous because of their lovely relationship and strong bonding that is presented on many videos on TikTok. They do so many activities together, so they became one of the most popular couples on the internet. They’ve got like 165 thousand Instagram subscribers and 2.9 million followers on TikTok.

Steward about his relationship with his grandma

He states that his grandma is more like a mother to him. When he was younger, he used to spend so much time with her, doing lots of things together. The two of them got along very well. Steward says that this woman has done so much about him, so it’s now his time to show his gratitude towards her.

Steward’s surprise

Steward’s planning on inviting his grandma to live with him. To surprise her, he took her for a drive, and he video-typed the whole surprise. So as they were driving, he stopped at a construction site, pointed out to a house and started explaining to her that she’s looking at her grandson’s future home. As part of the whole story, he included the part where he told her that there is a space in this house planned for her. It features a sitting room, private bathroom and a connecting bedroom. So he asked the woman to move in with him, once the house’s done. GB was moved to tears. She was really happy because she felt like somebody liked her. She was so happy that she replied that she’s already had her bags packed. The video he posted was so moving and touching.

Steward’s idea was to point out that we owe so much to our grandparents and with each day passing by, there’s less time to express our gratitude towards them. He wants to tell people to be with their grandparents and not to forget about them because these people have done so much about us that we can’t even imagine how our life would’ve been if it weren’t for them!


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