‘Granny Pods’ Are New Housing Units That Allow Your Aging Parents To Live In Your Backyard


Families are very often faced with the problem of finding a place for their elderly parents to spend their golden years. There are some options, most of which are quite complicated.

For instance, there are full-service nursing homes but they are quite expensive, so not everyone could afford them. The financial issue is leading towards making grandparents living with their adult children, who have no other choice but to settle for that.

But sometimes that could be a real problem, due to number of reasons.

That’s why people came up with something known as “granny pod”, or else found as “in-law cottage / in-law apartments”. These are detached tiny homes that make it possible for the elderly to live close to their loved ones and yet not making them give up their privacy.

This is a great solution because it offers the elderly some kind of independency. They have their own place, and the whole family is close enough if they need any kind of assistance.

What is actually a “Granny pod”?

A “granny pod” is kind of a modified guest house. It offers the caregivers a chance to be close to their aging loved ones. They are pretty safe and accessible in every way.

They are provided with slip-resistant floors, wide doorways and rounded countertops. Some versions of the pods offer high-tech medical extras.

Different kinds of granny pods

All of these tiny houses are pre-fabricated and so far, there’ve been three main designs which are available. The most popular one is the MEDCottage classic.

You get it delivered as a kit, which is to be assembled either by yourself or a professional as a freestanding structure. This model is large 12 by 24 feet and is offering the majestic French doors.

But the thing is, that you can find it only in Virginia! The other model is the Living Roo. You can fit it inside a double bay garage. The windows of this model are HD monitors. They are framed to look like windows, and correspond with a camera outside.

Therefore, the resident of this house can feel like he/she is living in an open and separate space. Last but not the least, the Mother Ship model is also very convenient. It can fit on top of most RV platforms, which makes the transport quite easier.



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