Neighbors Finally Find Out Why Woman Keeps Putting Irish Spring Soap In Yard

Chunks of Soap will be the Safe Way of Keeping Unwanted Visitors to Your Garden

The people who enjoyed working in the garden can be very disappointed when they find their beautiful garden wiped out by hungry pests. The unwanted visitors that treat your garden can be rabbits, deer, and many other critters, which found the garden their own personal vegetarian buffet.

If you experience that, all your hard work and money can be destroyed in an instant. We will share one secret to prevent this tragedy, and all of you have it in your bathroom, this is various type of soaps.

For many of you trying to keep those nibblers at bay can be more difficult than planting and cultivating your garden. The usual options used for this purpose are particularly unpleasant, such some poisons that can be potentially harmful to wildlife, pets and for your family if you grow edible plants.

You cannot protect sure your gardens with fences and cages, especially from pests, like insects. Using smelly deterrents can affect your budget as they are expensive and have to be re-applied frequently.

Luckily, we offer you a better solution, which is not only effective but also cheap and easy. You need is some smelly soaps, such as Irish Spring (original scented) and a few household scrap items (socks or old hankies). Once you put them in the garden it lasts for weeks, so you don’t have to keep going out there to re-apply it.

One of the advantages of this method is that the soap won’t hurt the animals, pets or the member of your family. Soaps won’t hurt your plants, either, so your edible plants can be safe from contaminating with chemicals.

A strong scent of Irish Spring displeases most of the animals that would nibble at your garden plants. So, by using this quite lovely scent you can avoid using the other scents you buy to repel those pests (like coyote urine).

Setting up your soap deterrent is a pretty easy process. Here are detailed instructions:

1)         Cut your soap bars up into large chunks

2)         Put a chunk inside an old sock, stocking or in a piece of cloth,

3)         Tack chunk to a scrap of wood, stick or plant stake

4)         Then put the stakes around the plants that seem particularly attractive to pests or around the perimeter of the yard.

As an alternative, you could take the next measures:

–           Hang the soap chunks on your tomato cages,

–           Hang them from trees or on bushes,

–           Simply throw them down around your prized plants.

Applying this method you will fix your pest problem safely, quickly and without spending lots of money.


Source: Curbly

Photo: HealthyFitlifetime/Flickr

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