Guinea Fowl Prevent Lyme Disease by Eating Up to 4000 Ticks Per Day


This African native is known by a few names, for example, an African Pheasant, Guinea Hens, and they are also called the “Tick Assassin.”

These ancient-looking and loud fowls eat up to 4000 ticks a day. They are known to be loud, but on the other hand, astonishing.

They do not need huge maintenance. Through all summer, they will search for their food and then store it. Their diet is based on fleas, crickets, mosquitos, slugs, grasshoppers, small rodents, and ticks. They will eat anything they can get their beaks on, but they will never destroy a yard or a garden. They are also known to eat snakes and weeds. If there is food in the coop they will certainly come home at night. Coops can be maintained, but flocks need to find homes high in treetops to stay away from the danger of raccoons.

They are one of the breeds that are free from most diseases that caught up other poultry. They are good protectors of other animals on the farm, as they give loud warning calls that will alert when unknown gusts are at the front door. Their loud call will even keep rodents away.

If you are looking for manure that will be nurturing the soil and also be a wonderful addition to your compost, Guinea fowl can provide that. Your plant will thank you.

Guineas are very strong, as they can withstand both cold and hot weather.

An interesting thing to know is that guineas’ eggs can be eaten. However, they do not lie as often as chickens. They make their nest far away from the eyes of other animals, so finding their eggs can be quite challenging.

If you are ready to start guinea flock, make sure to buy them when they are babies (keets), just so they can easily learn their home. Adult guineas are more likely to roam.

Before buying guineas, make sure you speak with your neighbors and prepare them for loud squawking, as it can be intolerable for someone. If you live in a tick-ridden area, these tick assassins can be both helpful and healthy alternatives to pesticides.

Keep in mind that their meat is very delicious. Therefore, if someone complains, you can make a guinea stew.


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