Guy Finds Abandoned Skin and Bones Husky And Helps it Recover


An abandoned and malnourished husky was found by a guy, Rico Soegiarto, and was taken for rehabilitation. The dog was very sick and weak from being neglected and it could almost stand up. Wandering on the streets of Denpasar, Bali, the animal was found with bald patches on its coat, revealing exposed sores.

The dog was so skinny that it looked like a skeleton. His nails were dirty and long, meaning that they haven’t been trimmed in months. If Rico did not find the husky and nursing it back to health, the puppy would most likely die.

Rico washed and trimmed the coat of the animal and fed him properly. He took the dog regularly to the vet as well.

After ten months, the dog was brought back to health with a full, white coat. The dog now looks very healthy and strong. He’s also very happy and playful, giving all of the love that he can to his rescuer and now his owner.


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