Guy Pays $400k To Have His $2.6M Victorian House Moved 7 Blocks In San Francisco


It doesn’t happen every day that people move homes. It’s a bit tricky with all the packing, deciding what to move, cleaning up, and then moving to the new location. On the other hand, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air and kind of a fresh start.

Well sometimes you get lucky and you don’t have to move anything else as much as your house has to move. This is exactly what a San Francisco apartment building did recently: it moved entire blocks to a new address. For example, the whole house was collected, put on wheels and transported to a new location. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

So, San Francisco, California is home to stunning architecture, and not just sleek modern homes, but vintage Victorian homes as well.

The 1882 Victorian Englander House in San Francisco recently moved to a new location 7 blocks away

One of those homes, Englander House, is currently making headlines today as it was picked up and placed on a flatbed trailer and hauled 7 blocks to its new address.

The masterpiece of Victorian architecture is a 5,170 square foot (approximately 480 square meters) house that has been in existence for 139 years, since 1882. It has been transported at an average speed of 1 mile per hour (1.6 kilometers per hour) by 0.6 miles (approximately one kilometer) from 807 Franklin St. to 635 Fulton St.

The move was made at 6:15 am, but that didn’t stop around 600 spectators from showing up to see the show. Some noted that the wheel axle bended sideways and the tires were a bit flat due to the weight of the house.

The move reportedly cost around $ 400,000 and involved removing items like street lights and utility lines

The move was by no means child‘s play, as the project would have cost around $400,000 and also involved the removal of street lights, parking meters and utility lines, among other works. More than 15 different permits have been acquired to make this move a reality.

Investor Tim Brown who is also real estate broker bought the home for $2.6 million in 2013. For some time now, he planned to move the building to the new location.

The Victorian house, will be renovated and transformed into 7 residential units

Now that he’s in place, Brown has ideas for turning the house into seven living units. As for the place he left, it is planned to become the location of a new building of 48Unit.

While commentators wondered how much that must have caused- wasting money on adapting roads and causing traffic jams for those who actually commute to work – others have actually found the decision positive because it allows for a smarter land development and money increases the economy.


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