Guy To Travel Around Florida Dressed As The Grim Reaper To The Beaches That Opened Prematurely


People all over the world are trying whatever they can to use the good weather and go to the beaches, aside from all of the warnings for social distancing. The main reason why social distancing became so popular is that it’s a great way to stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you don’t have contact with infected people, then you won’t get infected. The logic behind it is clear, however, many people think that they’re above everyone and hope on not getting infected. The risks of infections now increase after Florida decides to open its beaches again from May 1.

Daniel Uhlfelder, a lawyer in Florida, was inspired by New Zealand’s public service campaign where a guy dresses up in a Grim Reaper costume and calls it ‘The Swim Reaper’.

The main message behind the public service campaign is to promote water safety, with the Swim Reaper trying to prevent deaths from drowning.

However, Uhlfelder plans on using this idea differently. He plans on dressing up in the Grim Reaper costume and visit Florida beaches to warn people about the dangers of the spread of the coronavirus.

Aside from his main message, Uhlfelder also plans on using the costume to raise money for Democrats that are running for federal office.

As of right now, Florida has 30,174 people infected with the coronavirus and more than 1,000 of them have passed away. Due to the increase of people with the virus, Florida hospitals are filled with more than 4,500 people. However, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stated that because the state flattened the curve, it’s time to open the beaches. He also claimed that they avoided the situation that happened in Italy, Spain, and New York.

The Swim Reaper, the person who inspired Uhlfelder to do his actions, has a massive positive impact in New Zealand. This campaign was launched in December 2016 and by using dark humor, they tried to give young males awareness of the dangers that they’re facing while swimming.

Almost a third of all preventable drownings were made up of Kiwi men aged 15-34. As of now, those numbers have gone down to almost a quarter.

Swim Reaper’s Instagram profile has more than 450,000 followers.

He posts pictures continuously and warns people about the dangers of riptides, swimming near rocks, or swimming drunk:


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I reap nude beaches too y’know. #dontthinkyouresosafe

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